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Todo List

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Add custom per-class pre- and post- destructor

Add back_inserter to convert list of DynObj's to list of RRef's

Provide thread-safety?

Compare object file size for DynObj/RRef vs raw pointers

Add make target to create release

Class NoPtr::DynObj< ObjType, Context >
Add tests for acquire-same-as-self to make sure works

Member NoPtr::DynObj::operator< (const DynObj< ObjType2, Context2 > &rhs) const
Test this, especially sorting with nulls

Class NoPtr::RRef< ObjType >
Add tests for reset-to-same-as-self to make sure works

Member NoPtr::RRef::operator< (const RRef< ObjType2 > &rhs) const
Test this rigorously esp. the null ptrs in sets

Class NoPtr::RRefable
Add tests for the copy/assign to make sure works

Page Performance Measurements
do a vector re-ordering test for RRef

figure out if re-ordering performance can be improved for DynObj

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